IPS has been providing alcohol and drug prevention services in Santee since 2002. With assistance from countywide prevention providers and concerned community members, IPS provided technical assistance to pass a Social Host Ordinance (SHO) in Santee in 2003. Santee’s Social Host law imposes a misdemeanor or civil and administrative fines on individuals who host underage drinking events on property they own, lease or otherwise control. The purpose of the ordinance is to deter underage drinking parties by decreasing social access to alcohol by underage youth.

IPS East County is a voting member of the Community Oriented Policing Committee of the City of Santee. We provide input regarding the impact that police-regulated businesses like alcohol retailers and cannabis sales have on the community and its residents. We bring to the table an upstream prevention focus that aims to reduce the need for law enforcement activities and encourages retailers to operate in accordance with state requirements, local ordinances and established best practices for these types of adult-oriented businesses.

In November 2020, IPS East County’s Program Manager chaired a subcommittee that formulated a plan for the City of Santee to advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in all facets of the community. The plan was adopted unanimously by the City Council and is currently in the process of being implemented by the City.

Additionally, IPS East County is an active member of the Santee Collaborative which is focused on promoting a healthier more proactive community that builds resilient children and families. The collaborative consists of parents, residents, community-based organizations, school district personnel, public and private agencies, and the faith-based community.

The collaborative meets monthly to provide community members and organizations a forum to network, discuss community issues, share resources, and develop strategies that support our mission and to support and encourage community-wide programming that meets the needs of children, youth, and families.

IPS East County has provided information and technical support in consideration of the adoption of a Deemed Approved Ordinance (DAO) in Santee. A DAO aims to give cities more latitude in enforcing nuisance rules and revoking business licenses on establishments that are subject to less restrictions due to being grandfathered in as an existing business. California law generally doesn’t allow for retroactive limitations on businesses with liquor licenses. In mid-2019, as part of an effort to update the city codes, Santee adopted a Deemed Approved Ordinance focused on alcohol retail operations for existing alcohol retailers in the city.